Allen County Has Joined the INcite Tax Warrant Family

On Monday April 21st, Allen became the 56th county to use the INcite Tax Warrant Application, which is a free service provided by the Division of State Court Administration.Read More

eCWS got the Blues in 2013!

In July 2013, JTAC began training sessions for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), which is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state. So far, 12 training sessions have been conducted and over 130 officers, including Field Training Officers (FTOs), have been trained.Read More

Walkerton Town Court in St. Joseph County Moves to Odyssey

Judge Daniel Chamberlin and staff began using Odyssey on Monday, February 10th.  Approximately 47 new traffic cases were electronically filed the following day by JTAC, saving court staff time and effort and ensuring the accuracy of the case information.Read More

Courts Using Odyssey Continues to Grow

The number of new courts using Odyssey case management system continues to expand.  In addition to Orange County, the following courts began using Odyssey during 2013:Read More

Risk Assessment Presentation for Community Corrections

On October 8th, Michelle Goodman of the Indiana Judicial Center and Lisa Thompson of State Court Administration presented at the Annual Community Corrections Director’s Meeting in Indianapolis.Read More