Introducing ….. The Guardianship Registry

With the help of Court Reform Grant funding from the Division of State Court Administration, Judge Susan Orr Henderson, Fountain County Circuit Court, and Judge Diane Kavadias Schneider, Lake County Superior Court, Civil Division, worked with a task force and JTAC staff to develop a new Guardianship Registry Application in response to the need for courts to better track and monitor the status of guardianship cases in Indiana.Read More

Allen County Has Joined the INcite Tax Warrant Family

On Monday April 21st, Allen became the 56th county to use the INcite Tax Warrant Application, which is a free service provided by the Division of State Court Administration.Read More

Risk Assessment Presentation for Community Corrections

On October 8th, Michelle Goodman of the Indiana Judicial Center and Lisa Thompson of State Court Administration presented at the Annual Community Corrections Director’s Meeting in Indianapolis.Read More

JTAC and Law Enforcement United in Training of the Protection Order Registry

On January 8th, Assistant Chief of Police Bob Fey of Ball State University Police hosted a Protection Order Registry (POR) training conducted by LaJuan Epperson, JTAC POR Project Manager.   Five law enforcement agencies including Ball State University Police participated in the training.  The other agencies that were represented were Albany PD, Eaton PD, Daleville PD and Delaware County Emergency Command Center. Read More

Lake and LaGrange Counties Begin Using INcite Marriage License Application

On Tuesday, May 15, Lake County began using the INcite Marriage License application. By Friday at noon, the busy office had issued 50 marriage licenses and recorded 12 marriage ceremonies!Read More