Floyd County – eCWS Training

JTAC will be in Floyd County on 12/30 to train officers from the Floyd County Sherriff’s Department and the New Albany Police Department to use the electronic Citation and Warning System software application. JTAC will also distribute 24 scanner and printer sets to these agencies so that they can scan driver licenses and vehicle registrations and print tickets at the roadside. Funding for the scanners and printers was awarded through a grant from the Department of Transportation in order to coordinate the deployment of Odyssey CMS with the deployment of eCWS. There is no cost to deploy eCWS to law enforcement agencies.

Year-End Stakeholders Presentation

2008 – Year in Review. On December 9, JTAC made its final 2008 presentation to the monthly stakeholders meeting held at our office in Indianapolis.

The presentation highlights the milestones in court technology that have been reached this year, including the beginning of the second phase of Odyssey CMS implementation, the growing use of the public access website, new modules and enhancements to Odyssey, and advances related to JTAC’s many other technology projects.

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JTAC Assisting Marion County Traffic Court

JTAC has worked with Marion County Traffic Court staff to transfer e-ticket data produced by Indiana State Police to the county’s case management system called JUSTIS. JTAC’s award-winning electronic Citation and Warning System allows a ticket to be created at the roadside—no handwriting—and then transferred to a central repository, eliminating the need for double clerical work and extra data entry. Marion County Traffic Court will also begin using JTAC’s Odyssey Case Management System early next year, and staff training is scheduled to begin next week.

Connecting the Dots

JTAC staff visits courts all over Indiana, and whether they are there to install the Odyssey Case Management System, e-tickets, our Protection Order Registry or another program, they look at how court and clerk staff do their jobs. As we work with local courts, we often learn how working on one issue can help solve another.Read More

Marion County Traffic Court Preparing to Use Odyssey

Marion County Superior Court judges held a judicial retreat Friday, and as part of the day’s agenda, they met with JTAC representatives to discuss the implementation of Odyssey CMS and other JTAC initiatives.  Mary DePrez, JTAC’s Director, reviewed the successful implementation of the Protection Order Registry in Marion County and thanked the judges for their hard work and cooperation in making that project so successful.Read More