Revisiting the Vision: The State of Indiana Trial Court Technology

The latest Indiana Court Times cover story is all about JTAC’s Odyssey deployment and a look back over the last ten years of trial court technology.  The story reminds us why Indiana chose not to undertake a standards-based approach to case management and explains why Odyssey is the right fit for Indiana. Read the story on the new Court Times blog.

Case Study: Hamilton County Odyssey Deployment

Watch a video featuring local Hamilton County staff before, during, and after the implementation of Odyssey.

2009 Year-in-Review

On December 8, JTAC made its final 2009 presentation to the monthly stakeholders meeting held at our office in Indianapolis. The presentation highlights the milestones in court technology that have been achieved this year, including the continuing implementation of the Odyssey case management system in the counties as well as enhancements to the software application, and advances related to JTAC’s many other technology projects.

View presentation slides


May 2009 JTAC Stakeholders Presentation

Every month, stakeholders in JTAC projects from state agencies attend a meeting in which JTAC provides an update on the Odyssey case management system and other projects.  The presentation and handouts from this month’s meeting are available below.

Big improvements coming to INcite

Some people have a hard time with change, but we are confident most of you won’t have any trouble with the improvements coming to INcite this year.  As part of a project to rebuild INcite using more current technical specifications, we have completely revamped the look and feel of the site to provide a more user-friendly experience.Read More

New features coming soon to DCS application

New features in the DCS/Probation application will soon be released providing probation officers with additional, essential functionality.  The update, which should be launched in a matter of days, will allow probation officers to:

  • close cases
  • update information on old cases
  • add placements to service cases, and
  • re-open cases that have been closed

In addition, changes have been made to the user interface to make certain steps more intuitive to the probation staff.  To date, 286 registered users have created 200+ cases in ICWIS using the application.  The JTAC help desk has responded to approximately 80 phone calls and emails from probation staff to answer questions, provide instructions, and to refer issues to the Department of Child Services when appropriate.