POR Training and Support

Already in use in 68 Indiana counties, use of the Protection Order Registry continues to climb. There are currently 25,127 active orders in the registry and a total of 3,770 orders were issued in October.

The POR team provides continuing support and training and has held recent sessions in Cass, Dearborn, Grant, Hamilton and Steuben counties.

Protection Order Registry Growing

Grant County began using the Protection Order Registry on November 1, 2008, making it the 68th county to install the system. JTAC’s Protection Order Registry is available to counties without charge.

More information is online at http://www.in.gov/judiciary/jtac/programs/poregistry.html

New ICOR Probation Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting ICOR Probation Forms have been extended:

  • Second Quarter, November 14
  • Third Quarter, November 26
  • Fourth Quarter, January 10, 2009 – regular deadline

The Probation Training Manual is online at:


JTAC Wins Technology Honor

The Indiana Supreme Court was named a finalist in the 13th Annual Information Integrity Coalition’s international competition. The court was honored for its work on major technology initiatives including the Odyssey statewide case management system; electronic Protection Order Registry; electronic Citation and Warning System for law enforcement and electronic infraction reporting to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.Read More

POR in the field – Making a Difference

“During a recent training session for our police department regarding domestic violence and JTAC, an officer went to his car and got his laptop. Within three minutes he was able to confirm a no contact order had been issued by the court on an arrest he had made the prior weekend. His ease at locating this information made a huge impact on everyone in that training session. Having twenty-four hour access to the vital information that JTAC provides protects our citizens and our law enforcement 0fficers. Thank you for such a great service.”

Robert E. Roberts, Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office
Chief Deputy Prosecutor