Risk Assessment Presentation for Community Corrections

On October 8th, Michelle Goodman of the Indiana Judicial Center and Lisa Thompson of State Court Administration presented at the Annual Community Corrections Director’s Meeting in Indianapolis.Read More

INcite Application for Presentence Investigation Goes Live Statewide

In 2010 and 2011, the Judicial Conference of Indiana, along with the Indiana Department of Correction, implemented policies which mandated the use of the electronic version of the Indiana Youth Assessment System (IYAS) and the Indiana Risk Assessment System (IRAS) for juvenile and adult offenders under the supervision of probation, community corrections, problem-solving courts, court alcohol and drug programs, parole, and the Department of Correction.  To date, nearly 152,000 risk assessments have been completed by these entities statewide in the on-line INcite Risk Assessment Application developed by JTAC.  Read More

INcite Risk Assessment Application Reduces Costs Incurred at County Level

Prior to the development of the INcite Risk Assessment Application, many probation departments and community corrections agencies throughout the state were using a variety of validated risk assessment instruments.  With this approach, each agency individually incurred the cost of those assessments, either in a bulk contracted amount or on an assessment-by-assessment basis.  Even with the bulk agreements, agencies often exceeded the original allotment and had to allocate additional funds in order to continue using that particular risk assessment instrument.  When doing a cost-benefit analysis of the INcite Risk Assessment Application, it is evident that counties and correction agencies throughout the State of Indiana are benefitting fiscally from the electronic risk tools.  Read More

JTAC Expands Risk Assessment Application

Although the INcite Risk Assessment Application was first launched in September of last year, JTAC has been continuously working on the  development of new features as well as additional testing of the overall application.   Upon successful completion of the second pilot phase in January, JTAC subsequently made the application available to all probation and community corrections staff statewide.  The final pilot phase, which includes users from the Indiana Department of Correction, is now underway and is expected to continue over the next several weeks.  To date, there are 740 users of the Risk Assessment application representing all 92 counties in Indiana.Read More

Morgan County and Hendricks County Adult Probation Departments Pilot New Risk Assessment Application

On November 10th JTAC and the Indiana Judicial Center began the pilot phase for adult users of the INcite Risk Assessment Application by collaborating with the Morgan County and Hendricks County adult probation departments.  Similar to the juvenile risk assessment tools, the adult tools are administered by individuals supervising or overseeing offenders throughout Indiana.  This includes users from the pre-trial process, community supervision arena, as well as the prison intake and re-entry process.  Users will utilize the INcite Risk Assessment Application as an electronic means for scoring and storing the risk assessment information.

JTAC extends its thanks to the staff of the Morgan County and Hendricks County adult probation departments for participating in the second pilot phase of this new Risk Assessment application.