Public Defender Information System Fully Deployed

On Monday, January 24th the last development build of the Public Defender Information System (PDIS) was deployed.  The PDIS was implemented in three stages during its pilot phase.  The initial release was deployed in September 2010, and in November the second set of enhancements was added.

The Public Defender offices in Floyd, Monroe and Washington counties have the capability to access Odyssey case information and to create their own electronic case file.  These users can also create and maintain private client files.  A client file can consist of a client’s demographical information, case information, scheduled hearings, contacts, notes and court fees.   Public defenders have the ability to view and print their court calendars as well as incorporate their court, office and personal appointments into one calendar. The assignment and tracking of tasks is another functionality for public defenders in the PDIS.   Read More

Washington County Joins the Public Defender Information System Pilot

Washington County Public Defender Office is the third county to implement Indiana’s new Public Defender Information System.  The Public Defender Information System pilot phase was initially launched on September 20th in Monroe and Floyd counties.  Washington County joined the pilot as a result of a gap in technology. Their office had a home-grown database program that was developed many years ago.  However, earlier this year when the office upgraded their computers, they were unable to access the database because the old program was not compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system.  Barbara Boling, Washington County PD Office Manager/Paralegal stated, “The opportunity to join the pilot could not have come at a better time.  The new system is easy to use and is a huge time-saver.”    Read More

JTAC Demonstrates the INcite Public Defender Information System to Chief Public Defenders

JTAC’s LaJuan Epperson joined Larry Landis and Don Murphy of the Indiana Public Defender Council to demonstrate the new INcite Public Defender Information System (PDIS) during the Chief Public Defenders’ monthly meeting on September 23rd.  The demonstration showcased the attorney’s court calendar, electronic client file, and the numerous security features of the application.  Attendees were also shown how to view a client’s Chronological Case Summary (CCS), and how to schedule appointments on their individual calendars.   PDIS is being piloted in Floyd and Monroe counties and LaJuan discussed the progress of the pilot project.  The new system was well received by the attendees.

JTAC Launches a New INcite Application: Public Defender Information System!

In partnership with the Indiana Public Defender Council, JTAC launched the Public Defender Information System on Monday, September 20th.  The application is being piloted in Floyd and Monroe counties.  Public defenders, their office administrators and staff now have the ability to obtain their court case information from Odyssey, view their court calendars, and create electronic client records with the Public Defender Information System initial release.  “The implementation of the Public Defender Information System has been well worth the wait.  This is a huge step forward for all public defenders in the judicial process,” said Deborah Outcalt, Office Administrator for the Monroe County Public Defender Office.Read More

Work Continues on the Public Defender Information System

After receiving federal funding awarded by ICJI through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, the Indiana Public Defender Council in partnership with JTAC are moving forward with the development of the Public Defender Information System.  A Working Group meeting, attended by representatives from the public defender community including attorneys, a PD office administrator and an investigative paralegal, was held last week at JTAC to test and review the first of six product builds. Read More