Hamilton County Highlights Data Capabilities of Odyssey Supervision

The Hamilton County Probation Department has been using Odyssey Supervision since April 2011 and is the largest supervision county using the software to date.  Over the past two years, the department has been able to implement and simplify many unique processes, generate many customized and automated reports and develop notification processes, all with the data found in or exported from Odyssey Supervision.Read More

Odyssey Deployments in 1st Quarter of 2013

Working with Orange County judges and clerk through the end of 2012 into 2013, Odyssey went live on January 22, 2013.  Beginning to track all court case and financial information in a case management system instead of on paper brings its own set of challenges, but Orange County users have risen to the occasion.  Since there was no data to convert, users are playing ‘catch up’ in getting all open cases entered into Odyssey.Read More

Three Indiana Counties Finish the Year with Odyssey Supervision Deployments

Over the past four months, JTAC has been working with three Indiana counties to deploy the Supervision module of the Odyssey Case Management System.Read More

Two More Counties Join Odyssey Supervision

Over the past two months, JTAC has worked with two probation departments and one alcohol and drug program to implement Odyssey Supervision.  The software has been deployed to 26 probation departments, 5 alcohol and drug programs and 4 drug court programs across the state.  These agencies combined manage over 21,000 cases within the Odyssey Supervision product center.Read More

Odyssey Live in LaPorte County for Courts and Probation

On June 18, 2012, the five LaPorte County courts and the LaPorte County Clerk’s office began using the Odyssey Case Management System, after a weekend of data conversion.   At the close of business on June 15th, JTAC began converting approximately 630,000 cases into Odyssey from the county’s legacy system. Read More