New Odyssey Supervision Page on JTAC’s Website

Odyssey Supervision, which is a separate product center within the Odyssey case management system, pulls case and financial data from the court and clerk side of Odyssey and offers probation officers and other specialty courts the ability to assess and collect program fees, record case contact notes, and enter conditions of supervision, among others.  For more information about Odyssey Supervision or to obtain a Supervision Factsheet, please visit the newly designed Supervision page of the JTAC website at

Odyssey Supervision Deployed to Plainfield Town Court Probation Department

On March 17th, the Plainfield Town Court Probation Department began using Odyssey Supervision, which has been deployed to 14 departments in 10 counties to date.  Although the Plainfield Town Court does not directly employ its own probation officers, two probation officers from the Hendricks County Superior Court Probation Department contract with the town of Plainfield to provide part-time probation services.  On average, the Plainfield Town Court Probation Department supervises 150 misdemeanor cases.

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Odyssey Supervision Implemented in Posey County

On February 22nd the Posey County Circuit and Superior Court Probation Departments together became the 13th agency to implement the use of Odyssey Supervision.  In preparation for the Indiana Administrative Rule 18 deadline requiring multiple county probation departments to consolidate by January 1, 2012, the two probation departments in Posey County decided to implement Odyssey Supervision as a combined agency.  This allowed JTAC staff to conduct joint training sessions over a two-day period and provide on-site support when the departments went live with the application.Read More

Gas City Probation Department Joins Odyssey Supervision

On February 15th the Gas City Probation Department went live with Odyssey Supervision, becoming the second city or town probation department and the 12th agency overall to use the application.  JTAC members were on site for two days of training and go-live support with Chief Probation Officer Ashley Hall.   Odyssey Supervision is replacing an existing case management system for probation cases in Gas City, and will allow the probation department to have a more efficient record and note keeping system and more accurate quarterly reporting statistics.    The probation forms and caseload reports available in Odyssey Supervision will also allow the Probation Department to easily report fee assessments to the Clerk’s office, which began using Odyssey Case Manager on December 13, 2010.  Over the next few weeks, over 200 probation cases will be added to Odyssey Supervision by the Gas City Probation Department.  JTAC would like to thank Chief Probation Officer Ashley Hall for her commitment and eagerness to transition to Odyssey.

Future deployments for Odyssey Supervision include the Plainfield Town Court Probation Department and the Hamilton County Probation Department.

Odyssey Supervision Goes Live In Carroll County

On January 26, 2011, the Carroll County Probation Department went live with Odyssey Supervision, becoming the 10th probation department to implement the software. Chief Probation Officer Justin Sheagley and his staff began entering live cases after two days of training and JTAC staff remained on site through most of the week for support. The Carroll County Probation Department will use the application to manage adult and juvenile probation cases, as well as home detention supervisions. They are replacing a legacy case management system with Odyssey Supervision and will now have a more efficient means for collecting probation fees and gathering quarterly report data. Additionally, the seamless integration with Odyssey Case Manager will allow the staff to have easier access to court case information. JTAC would like to thank the Carroll County probation staff for their patience and hard work to facilitate the exciting move to this 21st century case management system.

In the coming weeks JTAC will be working with the Gas City Court Probation Department and Posey Circuit and Superior Court probation departments, as they become the next agencies to make the transition to Odyssey Supervision.