JTAC’s e-Ticket Program is ON THE MOVE!

JTAC is on track to complete eCWS (electronic Citation and Warning System or e-tickets) training for over 300 law enforcement agencies by the end of 2012!  To date, 62 sheriff’s departments, 225 local agencies and 3 state agencies are utilizing eCWS.Read More

Two More Counties Join Odyssey Supervision

Over the past two months, JTAC has worked with two probation departments and one alcohol and drug program to implement Odyssey Supervision.  The software has been deployed to 26 probation departments, 5 alcohol and drug programs and 4 drug court programs across the state.  These agencies combined manage over 21,000 cases within the Odyssey Supervision product center.Read More

Odyssey Live in LaPorte County for Courts and Probation

On June 18, 2012, the five LaPorte County courts and the LaPorte County Clerk’s office began using the Odyssey Case Management System, after a weekend of data conversion.   At the close of business on June 15th, JTAC began converting approximately 630,000 cases into Odyssey from the county’s legacy system. Read More

Clark County Joins Odyssey Supervision

On May 15, 2012 the Clark County Probation Department became the 23rd probation department in the state to begin using the Supervision component of the Odyssey Case Management System.  Clark County is using separate Supervision modules for their probation cases, court alcohol and drug clients, drug court supervisions, and home detention clients.  In just four weeks, the Clark County Probation Department has entered over 2,600 cases into Odyssey Supervision. Read More

Lake and LaGrange Counties Begin Using INcite Marriage License Application

On Tuesday, May 15, Lake County began using the INcite Marriage License application. By Friday at noon, the busy office had issued 50 marriage licenses and recorded 12 marriage ceremonies!Read More