Odyssey Launch Updates

Odyssey went live Dec. 1 in Franklin Township, Marion County Small Claims Court. The DeKalb County launch scheduled for that day was pushed back a week as conversion of old data is still being completed. Public case information from these new Odyssey courts is not yet available on the Indiana Supreme Court’s website, but we will post an update as soon as it added to the free online site.Read More

New, Improved BMV Data Transmission

An update to the INcite BMV application released on Tuesday, Nov. 25, will greatly improve the way SR-16 information is transmitted to CATS. Specifically, the updated process will:

  • Catch data errors before they are transmitted to the BMV and reported back on the BMV activity reports
  • Reduce the time it takes for errors to be reported back to the courts
  • Include a new, detailed error report that users can view, save and print in a PDF format
  • Better validate the data being transmitted
  • Recognize several new data fields used by the courts

To learn more about the BMV project, visit http://www.in.gov/judiciary/jtac/programs/bmv.html.

New System Will Help Department of Child Services and Probation Officers Statewide

Legislation that takes effect Jan. 1, 2009 transferred the responsibility to pay for  juvenile placements and services from Indiana counties to state government.  The legislation also requires probation officers to send specific information to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) for caseworkers to review.  In partnership with DCS, JTAC  developed an INcite (Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet) application that probation officers can use to interface with DCS ’ Indiana Child Welfare Information System. JTAC’s system is available to probation officers free of charge.Read More

Two More Odyssey Courts Go Online

On Monday December 1, trial courts in DeKalb County and Franklin Township Small Claims Court, Marion County will be using Odyssey. Public case information from these courts will be available 24/7 without charge on the Indiana Supreme Court’s website www.courts.in.gov. Case information from Monroe, Warren and Tipton County, and Washington and Center Township Small Claims Courts in Marion County are already available. As the Odyssey case management system is deployed statewide, data from each new court will be available.

Preparing for the Dec. 1 launch date included many site visits and hours of training. JTAC  and court and clerk staff will be on the job over the Thanksgiving weekend to ensure everything runs smoothly on Monday.

Marion County Traffic Court Preparing to Use Odyssey

Marion County Superior Court judges held a judicial retreat Friday, and as part of the day’s agenda, they met with JTAC representatives to discuss the implementation of Odyssey CMS and other JTAC initiatives.  Mary DePrez, JTAC’s Director, reviewed the successful implementation of the Protection Order Registry in Marion County and thanked the judges for their hard work and cooperation in making that project so successful.Read More