Supreme Court e-Ticket Wins 3rd Honor

The Indiana Supreme Court’s electronic Citation and Warning System (eCWS) was honored with the first place Cygnus 2008 Innovation Award for Software at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, California earlier this month.Read More

POR Training and Support

Already in use in 68 Indiana counties, use of the Protection Order Registry continues to climb. There are currently 25,127 active orders in the registry and a total of 3,770 orders were issued in October.

The POR team provides continuing support and training and has held recent sessions in Cass, Dearborn, Grant, Hamilton and Steuben counties.

Three More Counties to Add Jury Management System

JTAC staff will be on site in Greene, Ohio and Washington counties during the next few weeks to prepare for the installation of our Jury Management System. More than a third of Indiana counties are already using the system. Greene County is also using JTAC’s Marriage License e-File system and Ohio County received four used computers thanks to JTAC’s efforts to find courts and clerks needed equipment.

You can learn more about the JTAC Jury Management System online at

Odyssey Updates

JTAC was host to the meeting of the Marion County Small Claims Court judges last Friday. This was one of many meetings to plan deployment of Odyssey to Marion County Small Claims Courts. The judges are working with JTAC to streamline and standardize as many court processes as possible. These improvements will benefit both the courts and the public. Franklin Township staff just completed their first week of training. Go-live for Franklin Township is December 1st.Read More

39 Law Enforcement Agencies Using e-Citations; 15 More Scheduled

Thirty-nine Indiana law enforcement agencies are now using Indiana’s Electronic Citation and Warning System (eCWS) to process traffic tickets and other citations and warnings; and another 15 agencies are scheduled to receive training in preparation for deployment of the system.Read More