2021 Legislative Session Digest

This is the final installment of the Legislative Update for the 2021 legislative session. This installment contains summaries of select bills of interest or portions of bills that were signed into law in the 2021 legislative session. Civil Civil immunity related … [Read more...]

Civil immunity related to COVID-19

S.E.A. 1, P.L. 1 Effective: February 18, 2021 Provides civil tort immunity for damages arising from COVID-19 on the premises owned or operated by a person, on any premises on which the person or an employee or agent of the person provided property or services to … [Read more...]

Hospital and health facility visitation

S.E.A. 202, P.L. 142 Effective: April 29, 2021 In part: 3 - Provides certaincivil immunity for a facility, its employees, and contractors for an injury or harm caused by or resulting from: (1) the exposure of a contagious disease or other harmful agent that is … [Read more...]

Immunity for physician wellness programs

S.E.A. 365, P.L. 101 Effective: July 1, 2021 Defines "wellness program". Specifies that the proceedings and deliberations of a wellness program are confidential with certain exceptions. Provides that all minutes, records, reports, written expert opinions, … [Read more...]

Civil immunity related to COVID-19

H.E.A. 1002, P.L. 166 Effective: §§1,5-14, 16-19 effective retroactive to March 1, 2020; July 1, 2021 Protects health care providers from professional discipline for certain acts or omissions arising from a disaster emergency unless the act or omission constitutes … [Read more...]

Removal of a county elected officer

H.E.A. 1030, P.L. 169 Effective: July 1, 2021 Allows a county executive and county fiscal body to adopt identical resolutions to initiate a court action to remove the county's auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, or assessor (county officer) for: (1) neglect of … [Read more...]