Drug schedules

S.E.A. 122, P.L. 10 Effective: July 1, 2021 Adds new scheduled drugs to the statutory drug schedules. Read the bill at: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/122 … [Read more...]


S.E.A. 133, P.L. 119 Effective: July 1, 2021 Provides that a court may suspend only that part of a sentence in excess of the minimum sentence for a person convicted of a Level 2 or Level 3 felony who has a prior unrelated felony conviction, other than a conviction … [Read more...]

Township homeless assistance

S.E.A. 218, P.L. 75 Effective: §§5-10 effective April 19, 2021 In relevant part provides: §8 - a person commits the offense of criminal trespass if: (1) the person,who does not have a contractual interest in the property, knowingly or intentionally enters or … [Read more...]

Female genital mutilation

S.E.A. 240, P.L. 51 Effective: July 1, 2021 In relevant part: Provides that a child is a child in need of services if before the child becomes 18 years of age the child is a victim of female genital mutilation. Provides that a person who: (1) knowingly or … [Read more...]


S.E.A. 255, P.L. 52 Effective: July 1, 2021 Specifies that a "criminal history provider" includes certain persons who regularly publish criminal history information on the Internet, for purposes of the law requiring criminal history providers to periodically review … [Read more...]

Law enforcement officers

H.E.A. 1006, P.L. 12 Effective: §8 is effective July 1, 2021 §8 of the bill creates a new misdemeanor that a law enforcement officer who turns off a body worn camera with the intent to conceal a criminal act commits aClass A misdemeanor. Read the bill at: … [Read more...]