Recreational facility immunity

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1045, sponsored by Sen. Ford, on recreational facility immunity. This bill specifies the duties and responsibilities of the users and the operator of a recreational facility operated by an elementary, secondary, or postsecondary … [Read more...]

Immunity for damage caused rescuing a child

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1161, sponsored by Sen. Steele and Sen. Broden, on immunity for damage caused rescuing a child. This bill grants civil immunity to a person who forcibly enters a locked motor vehicle for the purpose of rescuing a child. It does … [Read more...]

Sentence modification

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 174, Sen. R. Michael Young’s bill on sentence modification sponsored by Rep. Frizzell. Sen. Young presented an amendment to the bill which the Committee adopted by consent.  As amended, the bill would (1) allow … [Read more...]

Mental health issues

The House Public Health Committee heard SB 464 on mental health issues sponsored by Rep. Clere and Rep. Davisson. The bill: Establishes reimbursement limitations for the prescription of methadone for pain management. Provides that addictions counseling, inpatient … [Read more...]

Serious sexual offenders

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee resumed consideration of SB 522, sponsored by Rep. Smaltz, preventing serious sexual offenders from being on school property and extend to such offenders the right to vote by mail.  The bill passed 12-0. Read the bill … [Read more...]