Tax deeds and conveyance documents

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 524 concerning tax deeds and conveyance documents, sponsored by Rep. Steuerwald. This bill provides that when a county auditor sends out certain notices for a tax sale by certified mail, the notices must be sent by certified mail, … [Read more...]

Various tax sale matters

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 531 concerning various tax sale matters sponsored by Rep. Price. Author Sen. Head explained that it amends the tax sale statute to reflect current caselaw and makes procedural changes to make the process more efficient.  Regarding … [Read more...]

Benefit corporation

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1015, sponsored by Sens. Merritt, Head and Broden, allowing a business entity to incorporate as a benefit corporation under Indiana law. A benefit corporation allows a company to make a profit while protecting non-profit like … [Read more...]

Recreational facility immunity

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1045, sponsored by Sen. Ford, creating recreational facility immunity. This bill specifies the duties and responsibilities of the users and the operator of a recreational facility operated by an elementary, secondary, or … [Read more...]

Actions against a surveyor

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1050, sponsored by Sen. Glick, on actions against a surveyor. This bill provides that an action to recover damages for a deficiency in a land survey must be brought against the surveyor not later than 10 years after the date of … [Read more...]

Patent protection

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1102, sponsored by Sen. Steele, on patent protection. This bill prohibits a person from asserting a claim of patent infringement in bad faith and provides that a court may, upon motion, require a person to post a bond if the … [Read more...]

Garnishment of state tax refunds

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1358, sponsored by Sen. Steele and Sen. Broden, on garnishment of state tax refunds. This bill provides that if a debt has been reduced to a judgment in Indiana and the judgment has not been satisfied, set aside, or discharged in … [Read more...]

Death penalty aggravator

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard SB 8, sponsored by Rep. Cox and Rep. Steuerwald, on a death penalty aggravator, making a murder eligible for the death penalty if the murder involved decapitating or attempting to decapitate the victim while the victim … [Read more...]