Judicial retirement age

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 12, authored by Sen. Buck and Sen. Rogers, on judicial retirement age. This bill requires justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the Court of Appeals to retire at 80 years of age, instead of 75 years of age. The bill passed … [Read more...]

Technical corrections

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 4, the technical corrections bill, prepared by the Code Revision Commission and authored by Sen. Bray. This bill corrects: (1) technical conflicts between differing 2014 amendments to Indiana Code sections; and (2) other technical … [Read more...]

Accounts under a power of attorney

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 57, authored by Sen. Steele as recommended by the probate section of the Indiana State Bar Association, on accounts under a power of attorney.  The bill provides that an attorney-in-fact is entitled to judicial review and … [Read more...]