Reporting of government malfeasance

S.E.A. 394, P.L. 52-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Provides for confidentiality and relief for an individual who reports certain suspected violations of law by local public officers The full law is available at: … [Read more...]

Vacant and abandoned housing

S.E.A. 415, P.L. 247-2015 Effective: §§ 3-4, 17, 27-28, 39-49 effective July 1, 2015; §§1-2, 36-28 effective May 6, 2015; §§5-16, 18-26, 29-35, 50 retroactively effective January 1, 2015 Provides that a county, city, or town fiscal body may adopt an ordinance to … [Read more...]

Tax deeds and conveyance documents

S.E.A. 524, P.L. 236-2015 Effective: §1-2 effective Jan. 1, 2016; §3 effective July 1, 2015; §4-6 effective January 1, 2016, §7 effective May 7, 2015. Provides that when a county auditor sends out certain notices for a tax sale by certified mail, the notices must be … [Read more...]

Various tax sale matters

S.E.A. 531, P.L. 251-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Makes numerous changes to the tax sale statute, including the following: (1) Provides that a purchaser of real property by an installment land contract may request notice of the tax sale list. (2) Adds an alternative … [Read more...]

Benefit corporations

H.E.A. 1015, P.L. 95-2015 Effective: January 1, 2016 Allows a business entity to incorporate as a benefit corporation under Indiana law. The full law is available at: … [Read more...]

Recreational facility immunity

H.E.A. 1045, P.L. 95-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Specifies the duties and responsibilities of the users and the operator of a recreational facility operated by an elementary, secondary, or postsecondary educational institution. Specifies that the operator of such a … [Read more...]

Actions against a surveyor

H.E.A. 1050, P.L. 96-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Provides that an action to recover damages for a deficiency in a land survey must be brought against the surveyor not later than 10 years after the date of the survey. The full law is available at: … [Read more...]

Patent protection

H.E.A. 1102, P.L. 172-2015 Effective: July 1, 2015 Prohibits a person from asserting a claim of patent infringement in bad faith. Provides that a court may, upon motion, require a person to post a bond if the target establishes a reasonable likelihood that the … [Read more...]