Lawsuits against gun manufacturers

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Tomes’ SB 98 on lawsuits against gun manufacturers. This bill prohibits a person from bringing or maintaining certain actions against a firearms manufacturer, ammunition manufacturer, trade association, or seller, and makes the … [Read more...]

Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard Sen. Bray’s SB 172, enacting the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act. This bill governs the ability of a creditor to nullify certain transfers made by a debtor. The Committee adopted an amendment that does not change the effect of the … [Read more...]

Limited liability arising from trespassing

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard SB 306, authored by Sen. Bray and Sen. Head, on limited liability arising from trespassing. This bill provides that a person who possesses any fee, reversionary, or easement interest in real property, including an owner, a lessee, or … [Read more...]

Funding of lawsuits

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard Sen. Head’s SB 373 on funding of lawsuits. This bill establishes a procedure by which a company may provide funding to the plaintiff in an action in exchange for the contingent right to receive a part of the potential proceeds of the … [Read more...]

Reporting of government malfeasance

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Charbonneau’s SB 394 on reporting of government malfeasance. This bill provides for confidentiality and relief for an individual who reports certain suspected violations of law by public officers. The bill was amended to exempt … [Read more...]

Patent protection

The House Judiciary Committee also heard Rep. Koch’s HB 1102 concerning patent protection. The bill addresses bad faith demand letters asserting claims of patent infringement, commonly known as “patent troll activity”. The bill provides for the Attorney General or … [Read more...]

Confidential victim services requests

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 289, authored by Sen. Arnold and Sen. Steele, on confidential victim services requests. This bill permits, for purposes of the public records law, a law enforcement agency to share certain information with a crime victim advocate … [Read more...]

Seizure and forfeiture of property.

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Hershman’s SB 388 on seizure and forfeiture of property.  The bill was significantly amended from its original provisions and now focuses on collection of data. The bill requires that forfeiture and seizure data, including an … [Read more...]