Administrative law

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 1 authored by Sen. Steele on administrative law. The bill replaces administrative law judges and environmental law judges with an administrative court with judicial review by a circuit or superior court with appropriate … [Read more...]

Marion Circuit Court magistrate

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard Sen. Steele’s and Sen.  R. Michael Young’s SB 27, allowing the judge of the Marion Circuit Court to appoint one full-time Marion Circuit Court magistrate. The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the Interim Study … [Read more...]

Civil rights

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 66 on civil rights authored by Sen.  R. Michael Young and Sen. Boots. This bill defines certain provisions of the Constitution of the State of Indiana as "fundamental rights" and prohibits the government from substantially … [Read more...]

Food stamp assistance after drug conviction

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard Sen. Broden’s SB 132 on food stamp assistance after drug conviction. This bill allows certain individuals who were convicted of a drug offense, but have not been convicted of another drug offense in the previous five years … [Read more...]

Waiver to adult court

The Senate Corrections & Criminal Law Committee heard SB 160 authored by Sen. R. Michael Young on waiver to adult court. The bill would require an adult court exercising “direct-file” jurisdiction over a juvenile to transfer jurisdiction to the juvenile court for … [Read more...]

Methamphetamine matters

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard Sen.  R. Michael Young’s SB 161 on methamphetamine matters. This bill defines "drug related felony", and requires courts to report drug related felonies to the State Police Department. It requires the State Police Department to … [Read more...]

Battery and neglect of a dependent

The Senate Corrections & Criminal Law Committee heard, for amendment and vote only, SB 178 authored by Sen. Messmer on battery and neglect of a dependent. The bill enhances the felony level for battery or neglect offenses committed against an endangered adult or … [Read more...]