Tort claims immunity

The House Judiciary Committee reheard SB 146 sponsored by Rep. Friend and Rep. Porter on tort claims immunity. The bill provides that the tort claims act applies to a claim against certain approved postsecondary educational institutions if: (1) the institution has … [Read more...]

Parenting coordinators

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 250 sponsored by Rep. Koch and Rep. Cook on parenting coordinators.  Author Sen. Buck introduced the bill which urges the Legislative Committee to assign the use of parenting coordinators to resolve custody and parenting conflicts … [Read more...]

Registry of convicted child abusers

The House Ways and Means Committee heard SB 357, sponsored by Rep. Morris, creating a registry of convicted child abusers.  This bill defines "crime of child abuse" and requires the State Police Department to establish an electronic child abuse registry containing … [Read more...]