Service of process fees

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 532 sponsored by Rep. Mahan, reducing the service of process fees from $25 to $13 and deleting a prohibition on collection of service of process fees more than one time in a case. It also provides that the sheriff shall collect a … [Read more...]

Mental health matters

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard HB 1006 sponsored by Sen. Merritt and Sen. Charbonneau on mental health matters. An amendment was adopted making the bill language discretionary upon approval of the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse and removing the … [Read more...]

Marion County judicial selection

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard HB 1036 sponsored by Senators Merritt, Bray and Ruckelshaus, on Marion County judicial selection. The bill: provides for the selection of Marion Superior Court (Court) judges. establishes the 14 member Marion County Judicial … [Read more...]

County magistrates

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard HB 1053 sponsored by Sen. Crider and Sen. J. Smith on county magistrates. The bill adds magistrates to the Clark, Shelby and Marion courts. The bill passed 11-0. Read the bill at … [Read more...]

Authorization to carry a handgun

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard HB 1071, sponsored by Sen. Messmer and Sen. Freeman, on authorization to carry a handgun. The bill provides that certain persons protected by a civil protection order may carry a handgun without a license for 60 days after the date … [Read more...]

Adulterant and synthetic urine ban

For amend and vote only, the Senate Corrections Committee heard HB 1104, sponsored by Sen. Merritt and Sen Charbonneau, on adulterant and synthetic urine ban. The bill provides distributing synthetic urine or an adulterant with the intent to assist a person in … [Read more...]


The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard HB 1148, sponsored by Sen. Head and Sen. Doriot, on cannabidiol.  The bill was amended by consent to define cannabidiol and establish a cannabidiol registry for certain physicians, nurses, individuals, and … [Read more...]