2018 Legislative Session Digest

Civil  Administration of overdose intervention drugs (S.E.A. 13, P.L. 4) Civil forfeiture (S.E.A. 99, P.L. 47) Scleral tattooing (S.E.A. 158, P.L. 50) Uniform business organizations (S.E.A. 180, P.L. 52) Emotional support animals (S.E.A. 240, P.L. … [Read more...]

Civil forfeiture

S.E.A. 99, P.L. 47 Effective: July 1, 2018 Requires the prosecuting attorney to file an affidavit of probable cause with a court not later than seven days after property is seized and provides for the return of the property to the owner if the court does not find … [Read more...]

Scleral tattooing

S.E.A. 158, P.L. 50 Effective: July 1, 2018 Defines "scleral tattooing". Prohibits the act of performing or offering to perform scleral tattooing. Provides an exception for the act of a licensed health care professional when the act is performed in the scope of the … [Read more...]

Uniform business organizations

S.E.A. 180, P.L. 52 Effective: §§1-3, 5-44 effective January 1, 2018; §4 effective July 1, 2018 Makes various technical amendments to the Uniform Business Organizations Code and Uniform Business Organization Transactions Act, including changes in provisions … [Read more...]

Emotional support animals

S.E.A. 240, P.L. 162 Effective: July 1, 2018 Provides that a dwelling that is exempt from the Indiana fair housing law is not subject to the requirements applicable to emotional support animals. Defines "emotional support animal". Specifies who may use an emotional … [Read more...]

Order to repair tax sale property

S.E.A. 296, P.L. 99 Effective: July 1, 2018 Provides that an order for necessary repairs originally issued by an enforcement authority under the unsafe building law to the owner of a vacant or abandoned property that is later sold at a tax sale may subsequently be … [Read more...]