Crimes involving synthetic drugs

The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard SB 28, sponsored by Rep. Negele, addressing crimes involving synthetic drugs. The bill specifies that an enhancing circumstance includes a prior conviction for dealing or manufacturing a substance represented to be a … [Read more...]

Prohibited firearms transfers to minors

The Public Policy Committee heard SB 119 sponsored by Rep. Lucas regarding prohibiting firearm transfers to minors. This bill provides that a person may not sell, give, or in any other manner transfer ownership or possession of a machine gun to any person under 21 years … [Read more...]

Mobile credential

The House Roads & Transportation Committee heard SB 182, sponsored by Rep. Morris, providing that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) may develop a system to issue a mobile credential. The bill provides that the BMV may issue, upon request of an applicant, a mobile … [Read more...]


The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard SB 240 sponsored by Representative McNamara regarding terrorism and intimidation. The bill repeals and replaces in a new article the offense of possession, use or manufacture of a weapon of mass destruction; … [Read more...]

Sex offenders and child care services

The House Committee on Family, Children & Human Affairs heard SB 258, sponsored by Rep. Manning, on sexually violent predators. The current law prohibits a sexually violent predator or an offender against children from working for compensation or as a volunteer on … [Read more...]

Body cavity searches and blood draws

The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard SB 333 sponsored by Representative Mahan regarding body cavity searches and blood draws.  The bill establishes a procedure authorizing licensed medical personnel to obtain a bodily fluid sample or to retrieve … [Read more...]

Misdemeanor penalties

The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard SB 336 sponsored by Representative J. Young addressing misdemeanor penalties.  The bill makes numerous misdemeanors civil infractions for the first offense and increases the penalty for obstructing a medical person … [Read more...]

Supported decision making

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 380, sponsored by Sen. McNamara, on supported decision making. This bill requires that a person who files a petition for the appointment of a guardian for an incapacitated person or minor must inform the court what less restrictive … [Read more...]