Protective Orders and employment

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Rep. Randolph’s SB 16 on protective orders and employment.  The bill provides that an individual is not subject to disqualification from eligibility for unemployment benefits because of discharge from the individual's employment due … [Read more...]

Elder abuse registry

The Senate Committee on Family and Children Services heard SB 36 requiring the Office of Judicial Administration to establish an electronic elder and adult abuse registry containing information relating to persons convicted of a crime of elder or adult … [Read more...]

Code revision corrections

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Young’s SB 80 on code revision corrections. The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the Code Revision Commission and addresses problems in the Indiana Code not suitable for resolution in the annual Technical … [Read more...]

Vanderburgh County magistrates

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Becker’s SB 114 on Vanderburgh County magistrates.  The bill allows the judge of the Vanderburgh circuit court to appoint an additional magistrate to serve the Vanderburgh circuit court and allows the judges of the Vanderburgh … [Read more...]

Recidivist look back periods

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law heard Rep. Sandlin’s SB 163 on recidivist look back periods adding a felony OWI where the defendant has two priors during any time period and limiting Level 6 felony theft to cases where the defendant had a prior in … [Read more...]

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law heard Sen. Young’s SB 175 increasing the penalties for some operating a vehicle while intoxicated charges.  The bill provides that a person who causes the death of another person when operating a vehicle with cocaine, … [Read more...]


The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law heard Sen. Freeman’s SB 235 providing for the expungements of civil forfeiture cases and civil protection orders.  This bill allows a person to expunge all records related to a person’s expunged conviction.  The bill … [Read more...]