Jurisdiction of the tax court over fees

The Senate Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy heard SB 582 authored by Sen. Charbonneau on removing the jurisdiction of the Tax Court over municipal fees. The bill was introduced in response to a Tax Court ruling on December 5, 2018, that a storm sewer fee imposed by … [Read more...]

Community corrections and credit time

For amend and vote only, the Committee heard HB 1080 on community corrections and credit time authored by Rep. Steuerwald and Rep. McNamara. The bill provides that a person who is placed in a community corrections program may be deprived of earned good time credit due … [Read more...]

Crimes involving synthetic drugs

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1186 on synthetic drug crimes authored by Rep. Negele. The bill makes possessing or dealing in a substance that is a controlled substance analog an offense of the same level as possession of or dealing in the … [Read more...]

Prohibited name changes

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1208 on prohibited name changes authored by Reps. Clere, McNamara, Hatcher, and Engleman. The bill provides that a person convicted of certain crimes may not petition for a name change. The bill passed … [Read more...]

Marion county magistrates

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1332 on Marion County magistrates authored by Rep. Speedy. The bill allows the Marion County superior courts to appoint 24 full-time magistrates after December 31, 2019, not more than 12 of whom may be from the same … [Read more...]

Protective Orders and employment

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Rep. Randolph’s SB 16 on protective orders and employment.  The bill provides that an individual is not subject to disqualification from eligibility for unemployment benefits because of discharge from the individual's employment due … [Read more...]

Elder abuse registry

The Senate Committee on Family and Children Services heard SB 36 requiring the Office of Judicial Administration to establish an electronic elder and adult abuse registry containing information relating to persons convicted of a crime of elder or adult … [Read more...]

Code revision corrections

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Young’s SB 80 on code revision corrections. The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the Code Revision Commission and addresses problems in the Indiana Code not suitable for resolution in the annual Technical … [Read more...]