Interstate compact transportation fund.

The Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee heard SB 317 on interstate compact transportation fund.  The bill is authored by Sen. Sandlin and allows a community corrections agency to access funds from the county offender transportation fund to defray the cost of … [Read more...]

Criminal law issues

On January 21, 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard SB 335 authored by Sen. Young and Sen. Brown regarding criminal law issues. The bill provides that, if certain criminal penalties are increased (or, in the case of an infraction, imposed) due to a prior … [Read more...]

Child services oversight

The Senate Family and Children Services Committee heard SB 345 on creating a committee to for child services oversight for the Department of Child Services (DCS). Author Sen. Houchin introduced this legislation and noted the numbers of children who died recently, the … [Read more...]


The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law committee heard SB 449 on juveniles. The bill is authored by Sen. Houchin and does the following:  for certain serious offenses committed by a juvenile: (1) reduces the minimum age for committing the child to the department of … [Read more...]

Crime Stoppers court fee

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard SB 451 on crime stoppers court fee authored by Sen. Busch. The bill does the following:  establishes a $20 crime stoppers fee (fee) to be collected in every criminal action that results in a … [Read more...]

Lake Michigan shore

The House Judiciary Committee heard HB 1031 on the Lake Michigan shore by Rep. Miller. The bill originally provided that:  the public of Indiana has a vested right to engage in recreational activities from the water's edge of Lake Michigan to the natural ordinary … [Read more...]