Commitment to DOC for a Level 6 felony

The House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code heard Rep. Steuerwald’s HB 1010 on commitment to DOC for a Level 6 felony.  Rep. Steuerwald explained that the bill, endorsed by the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC), would clarify when certain Level 6 felons could be committed to the Department of Corrections (DOC).  The Indiana Public Defender Council’s Larry Landis, chair of JRAC’s legislation subcommittee, said that the bill clarifies that Level 6 felony commitment to DOC may be ordered (1) if a Level 6 offender’s probation is revoked for a new offense when the new offense has not been reduced to a conviction and (2) when a Level 6 felony sentence is made consecutive to a sentence for any felony, not just another Level 6 felony.

An amendment deleting “the commission of” was adopted by consent to provide that commitment is authorized when “the revocation of the person’s sentence is due to the commission of a new criminal offense.”  The bill passed as amended 10-0.

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