Marion County judicial selection

H.E.A. 1036, P.L. 245
Effective: April 28, 2017

Provides for the selection of Marion superior court (court) judges. Establishes the 14 member Marion County Judicial Selection Committee (Committee). Provides that, when the Committee learns of a vacancy on the court, the Committee follows certain procedures that conclude in the Committee sending the names of three nominees to the governor. Requires the governor to appoint one of the nominees as judge to fill the vacancy within 60 days, and specifies that the chairperson of the Committee makes the appointment if the governor does not appoint a nominee within 60 days.

Provides that, at the end of a judge’s term on the court, the judge may have the question of the judge’s retention on the court placed on the general election ballot. Provides that, before a judge may stand for retention, the judge must appear before the Committee to allow the Committee to issue a recommendation to voters concerning the judge’s qualifications and suitability to continue to hold judicial office. Requires that the judge’s retention on the court must be approved or rejected by the electorate of Marion County. Makes a technical correction.

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