Civil immunity for volunteer health care providers

The Senate Civil Law Committee heard HB 1145, sponsored by Sens. Pete Miller, Patricia Miller, and Raatz, on civil immunity for volunteer health care providers. This bill specifies criteria for civil immunity from liability for certain volunteer health care providers. It requires the professional licensing agency to establish and maintain a process for the approval of locations at which volunteer health care services may be provided, and a health care volunteer registry. This bill also provides that approval of a health care services location is valid for up to two years. Additionally, it requires a person who meets the criteria for immunity from civil liability to provide a record and results of laboratory and imaging based screenings and tests to the patient. The bill was amended to add podiatrist to the list of medical professionals covered, allow medical professionals to recommend screenings and tests, and create an electronic health care volunteer registry. A representative from the Governor’s office spoke in support of the bill stating that it is an opportunity to get medical attention to the underserved. Various representatives of medical professional organizations and medical professionals testified in support of the bill. A representative of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association testified about concerns regarding medical records. The amended bill passed 7-0.

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