Various child support matters

The House Judiciary Committee heard SB 324 concerning various child support matters sponsored by Rep. McNamara and Rep. Kirchhofer. Author Sen. Head explained that it repeals the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act currently in effect and replaces it with an updated version of the act. The bill also makes various changes to family and juvenile law concerning the following: (1) parties entitled to file a paternity action; (2) petitions for child support; (3) petitions for adoption; (4) adoption decrees; (5) duties of the child support bureau; and, (6) costs of services for children and payments of child support. An amendment was introduced proposing a technical correction, and adopted by consent. Testimony supporting the bill was received from a representative from the Department of Child Services explaining that federal funding would be secure by updating the Uniform Family Support Act provisions in the bill. The amended bill passed 9-0.

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