Various state and local government streamlining matters

H.E.A. 1004, P.L. 72
Effective: §8 effective March 20, 2018; §§12, 14-15 effective July 1, 2018

Section 8 permits the publication and circulation to circuit court clerks of the enrolled acts, as required by the state constitution, to be performed electronically, and permits circuit court clerks to electronically acknowledge receipt of the enrolled acts directly to the legislative services agency and permits the implementation of a system that would allow county clerks to send the acknowledgment electronically. Section 12 makes changes concerning the role of a circuit court clerk regarding recovery of treatment and maintenance charges from the estate of a patient of a state institution or from a responsible party. Section 14 provides that a person may electronically file any document that is required to be filed as part of a lis pendens record. [Section 15] Repeals a provision requiring a circuit court clerk to provide to a court the names of all attorneys having business in that court.

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