Department of Child Services

H.E.A. 1406, P.L. 150
Effective: §§1-22 effective July 1, 2018, §23 effective March 19, 2018

Provides for the collection of certain past due annual support fees by the child support bureau (bureau) and the clerk of the circuit court. Allows the bureau to collect child support payments made in cash. Allows the bureau and the clerk of the circuit court to recoup certain child support overpayments. Specifies the duties of a licensing authority when imposing sanctions and penalties against a licensee or permit holder with a child support delinquency who is the subject of an order issued by the bureau. Repeals a requirement that an individual determined to be eligible for unemployment compensation self-disclose a child support obligation. Provides that the Department of Child Services may: (1) initiate an action to determine paternity for a child who is the subject of a child in need of services proceeding; or (2) refer the case to the local prosecuting attorney’s office to file a paternity action.

Section 23 urges the legislative council to assign for study to an appropriate interim study committee the task of studying topics related to: (1) the adequacy of the statewide computer system used by the Department of Child Services to monitor receipt and disbursement of child support payments; and (2) the estimated cost to update or replace the statewide computer system.

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