Judgment liens

For amend and vote only, the House Judiciary Committee heard Rep Torr’s HB 1055 on judgment liens. This bill permits a person to discharge a mechanic’s lien by filing an indemnification or payment bond with the recorder’s office in an amount equal to at least 150% of the lien and specifies certain requirements concerning the recording of an indemnification or payment bond.

At a previous meeting, the bill was held after testimony. Testifying in support of the bill was the Indiana Land Title Association; Indiana Search Technologies; the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council; and the Indiana Recorders Association.  Testifying in opposition were the Indiana Banker’s Association; two members of the public; and a representative of Rubin & Levin law firm.

At this meeting, the bill was amended to recommend interim study committee on all issues except the discharging of a mechanic’s lien by filing an indemnification or payment bond equal to at least 150% and the recording requirements of the indemnification or payment bond.  Testifying in support of the amendment was a representative of the probate trust and real property section of the Indiana Bar Association; Doxpop; and Judge Paul Mathias on behalf of the Office of Judicial Administration.  Testifying in opposition to the amendment were the law firms Rubin & Levin Riley Bennett Egloff; Indiana Constructors Inc.; the Indiana Bankers Association; and Construction Advancement Foundation of Northwest Indiana.  The amended bill passed 10-0.

Read the bill at http://www.iga.in.gov/legislative/2019/bills/house/1055.