Drug testing and visitation

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard Sen. Crider’s SB 323 on drug testing and visitation. The bill authorizes a court to require a parent to submit to drug testing as a condition of exercising parenting time rights if the court finds that: (1) the parent has a history of unlawful drug use within the previous five years; or (2) there is a reasonable likelihood that the parent is currently using unlawful drugs. The bill also specifies that the parent shall pay the costs of the drug testing.

The committee amended the bill to include the language from SB 501, which provides that if a court grants parenting time rights to a person who has been convicted of: (1) child molesting; or (2) child exploitation; within the previous five years, the court shall order that the parenting time must be supervised.  Several members of the public and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana testified in support of the bill.  The amended bill passed 8-0.

Read the bill at http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2019/bills/senate/323