Traffic amnesty program

H.E.A. 1141, P.L. 202
Effective: July 1, 2019

Establishes a temporary traffic amnesty program to permit certain persons owing unpaid traffic fines, or who may be required to pay a fee for reinstatement of driving privileges, to obtain a reduction in the amount owed or amount payable. Specifies that a person seeking a reduction in fees owed is not required to pay a court filing fee. Provides that as part of the traffic amnesty program a person must: (1) pay the driving privileges reinstatement fee to the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau); (2) provide proof of financial responsibility to the court; and (3) not be ineligible to have the person’s driving privileges reinstated. Provides that the court must transmit a copy of its order to the bureau in a manner prescribed by the bureau. Specifies that a petition for traffic amnesty is not an admission of guilt, and requires a court to include in its order granting amnesty that the order is not a conviction, finding of guilt, or finding of liability. Makes a technical correction.

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