Regional holding facility

H.E.A. 1065, P.L. 239
Effective May 5, 2019

  • Provides that a “regional holding facility” is an existing facility that is currently established and operated by the department of correction (department) that offers mental health and substance abuse treatment, workforce development, educational programs, and other evidence-based programs designed to reduce recidivism.
  • Provides that a local economic development organization may enter into a regional holding facility lease agreement with the department of correction to: (1) address the issue of jail overcrowding in Indiana; (2) reduce recidivism by offering programs in an unused department of correction facility; and (3) obtain federal funding to operate the facility.
  • Establishesconditions under which a county sheriff may transfer certain confined jail offenders to a regional holding facility.
  • Establishes requirements for transfer agreements between the department and county sheriffs.
  • Requires the department to collect data and report the outcomes of services provided by a regional holding facility to the legislative council.
  • Provides that reimbursements paid by the state to the county for the costs of incarcerating a confined jail offender shall be used to pay for a confined jail offender housed in either a regional holding facility or a county jail.
  • Provides that the Indiana criminal justice institute shall identify any federal, state, or local grants that can be used to assist in the funding and operation of regional holding facilities.
  • Allows political subdivisions to enter into public-private agreements with an operator to accomplish the design, financing, construction, acquisition, improvement, renovation, equipping, operation, or maintenance of a regional jail.
  • Establishes the county jail overcrowding task force to: (1) conduct a statewide review of jail overcrowding; and (2) study the issue of how to reduce recidivism for convicted felons in county jails by offering programs designed to reduce recidivism.
  • Requires the justice reinvestment advisory council to conduct a statewide review of bail reform and pretrial issues and to identify common reasons and possible local, regional, and statewide solutions.

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