Summons to appear for a misdemeanor

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee heard HB 1076 concerning summons to appear for a misdemeanor authored by Rep. Pryor.  The bill was initially heard on Jan. 15, sets forth requirements for issuing summons in lieu of arrest.

Testimony was received from the Marion County Prosecutor, Marion County Re-Entry Coalition, the ACLU of Indiana, the Jewish Community Relations Council, the Indiana Public Defender Council, Marion County Sheriff’s Department, and Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council. The bill was amended by consent to provide that a summons and promise to appear must list the place and time to appear not later than 7 business days after issuance of the summons and  that officers may not issue a summons if the person has committed a violent misdemeanor offense involving a victim or weapon or the offense involved impaired operation of a motor vehicle, poses a safety risk to the person, officer, or public, or has falsely identified the person to the officer.   The amended bill passed 12-0.

Read the bill at: