Disregard of a traffic control signal

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard SB 443 on disregard of a traffic control signal.  The bill is authored by Sen. Garten and establishes that the following are Class B infractions: (1) failure to stop at a traffic control signal resulting in bodily injury, (2) failure to stop at an entrance to a through highway resulting in bodily injury, and (3) failure to stop at an intersection resulting in bodily injury. The bill also provides that a court may impose a suspension of the driving privileges of a person who has committed the infraction.

The bill was amended to remove the provisions allowing the suspension of driving privileges, increase the Class B infractions to Class A infractions, and remove language that provides that the deferral program does not apply to certain motor vehicle infractions when the individual is less than 18 years of age. The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council testified in support of the bill.  The amended bill passed 6-2.

Read the bill at:  http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2020/bills/senate/443