Mid-Session: Criminal Law

The following criminal law bills passed out of their originating house:

SB 43 Fraud consolidation

SB 47 Expungement timing

SB 69 Possession of firearms on school property

SB 109 Statute of limitations

  • Previous blog post: http://indianacourts.us/legislative/?p=2930
  • Floor amendments: The bill was amended to change that a civil action resulting from sexual abuse of a child may be brought at any time, reviving actions previously time barred as long as the victim is less than 31-years old, DNA evidence has been discovered, or the person confesses.
  • House Sponsors: Steuerwald, Cherry, VanNatter, Engleman
  • Read the current bill: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2020/bills/senate/109

SB 146 Sexual assault victims’ rights

SB 194 Drug scheduling

SB 206 Interviews and depositions of children

SB 209 Search warrants [fka Search of cellular telephone data]

SB 249 Exploitation of dependents and endangered adults

SB 302 Indigence determinations

SB 317 Interstate Compact Transportation Fund

SB 335 Criminal law issues

SB 424 Address confidentiality program

SB 451 Crime stoppers court fee

HB 1047 Justice reinvestment advisory council

HB 1076 Summons to appear for a misdemeanor

HB 1120 Educational credit time

HB 1132 Criminal law matters

HB 1346 Jail overcrowding

The following criminal law bills died in their originating house: