Criminal law issues

S.E.A. 335, P.L. 142
Effective: July 1, 2020 [relevant sections]

  • Creates a new statute, I.C. 1-1-2-4, defining that references to a conviction for Indiana offenses include: (1) an attempt to commit the offense; (2) a conspiracy to commit the offense; and (3) a substantially similar offense committed in another jurisdiction.
  • Removes text covered in this new definition from the following probate, guardianship, and adoption statutes: I.C. 29-1-2-1(e), I.C. 29-3-7-7(3), I.C. 31-30-1-2.5(3), I.C. 31-19-9-8(a)(4), I.C. 31-19-9-9 and 10, I.C. 31-19-11-1.

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