Natural resources

H.E.A. 1385, P.L. 164
Effective: 1-54, 60, 62-63 January 1, 2021; 55-59, 61, 64, 65 July 1, 2020

In part:

  • Provides that a watercraft is not a vehicle for purposes of mechanic’s liens for vehicles.
  • Provides that a person that fails to carry a certificate of registration or display proofof registration on a watercraft commits a Class C infraction.
  • Provides that a person who knowingly or intentionally falsifies, predates, changes, or counterfeits proof of registration for a watercraft commits a Class C misdemeanor.
  • Makes it a Class C infraction to violate a rule adopted by the natural resources commission or an emergency rule adopted by the department of natural resources, unless otherwise specified under state law.
  • Provides that a court having jurisdiction of an offense committed in violation of an Indiana law for the protection of wildlife may revoke the license of the offender for a minimum of one year. (Current law allows revocations for a period of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or one year.)
  • Declares that the citizens of Indiana have certain vested rights with respect to Lake Michigan, and that the natural resources commission may adopt rules concerning those rights.
  • Authorizes the department to adopt rules identifying the ordinary high-water mark on the land adjoining the waters of Lake Michigan for administrative purposes.
  • Provides that the owner of a private property that is adjacent to Lake Michigan is immune from liability under certain circumstances.
  • Provides guidelines for permitting to private property owners by local governmental agencies, in the case of an emergency to: (1) repair; or (2) construct; a new seawall or revetment on the owner’s property. Provides guidelines for the location of a seawall or revetment in the event of construction or repair of that seawall or revetment.

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