Jail overcrowding

H.E.A. 1346, P.L. 48
Effective: March 14, 2020

Repeals all provisions concerning the county jail overcrowding task force. Adds additional members to the justice reinvestment advisory council (“advisory council”), including members of the Indiana evidence based decision making initiative (which is a partnership between state and local criminal justice stakeholders). Specifies the purpose and certain duties of the advisory council, including: (1) to conduct a state level review and evaluation of jail overcrowding to identify a range of possible solutions; and (2) to develop incarceration alternatives and recidivism reduction programs at the county and community level by promoting the development of the incorporation of evidence based decision making into decisions concerning jail overcrowding. Provides that the advisory council may make a recommendation to the county sheriffs concerning strategies to address jail overcrowding and implementing evidence based practices for reducing recidivism for individuals in county jails. Requires the criminal justice institute to coordinate with state and local criminal justice agencies for the collection and transfer of data from sheriffs concerning jail: (1) populations; and (2) statistics; for the purpose of providing jail data to the management performance hub.

Read the bill at: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2020/bills/house/1346