CHINS and delinquent child dual jurisdiction

The House Judiciary heard HB 1196 concerning CHINS and delinquent child dual jurisdiction.  Author Rep. McNamara presented the legislation requiring the intake officer to screen for a dual jurisdiction child. The Committee adopted an amendment outlining the dual jurisdiction process and clarifying the process could be utilized both before and after adjudication. Once screened, the court decides if the juvenile should be fully assessed as a dual jurisdiction child.  The dual jurisdiction assessment team would recommend to the court services and supervision for the child. The court would then determine the lead agency (DCS or probation) for the child.

Judge Mary Willis, President of the Indiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, spoke in favor of the bill. She gave examples when it would be useful and noted it embraced the vision and builds on the JDAI initiative. Judge Charles Pratt, Co-Chair of the Dual Jurisdiction Task Force, Commission on Improving the Status of Children also spoke in favor of the legislation and noted it is based on national reform models already in existence.  The program coordinates services for both CHINS and delinquents. Larry Landis, Indiana Public Defender’s Council and David Powell, Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council also spoke in favor of the bill. The bill passed as amended, 8-0.

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