Public safety matters

H.E.A. 1198, P.L. 113
Effective: July 1, 2020

Designates an Indiana first responder to include the following employees and volunteers of state and local public safety agencies: (1) Law enforcement officers. (2) Firefighters, including volunteer firefighters. (3) Corrections officers. (4) Public safety telecommunicators. (5) Providers of emergency medical services. (6) Providers of emergency management services. (7) Any other individuals whose duties in serving a public safety agency include rapid emergency response. Provides that the designation of an individual as an Indiana first responder does not affect an individual’s terms of employment or volunteer service with the public safety agency. Provides that a certified emergency medical technician or a licensed paramedic is not liable for transporting any person to an appropriate health care facility when the emergency medical technician or the licensed paramedic makes a good faith judgment that the emergency patient or the emergency patient’s primary caregiver lacks the capacity to make an informed decision about the patient’s: (1) safety; or (2) need for medical attention; and the emergency patient is reasonably likely to suffer disability or death without the medical intervention available at the facility

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