Department of Child Service reporting

The Senate Family and Children Services Committee heard SB 364, concerning Department of Child Service Reporting, authored by Sen. Broden and Sen. Grooms.  The chair presented the bill, which amends the definition of “near fatality” for confidential records purposes involving such cases.  The new definition means a severe childhood injury or condition that results in a child receiving critical care for at least 24 hours following admission to a critical care unit.  An amendment was presented to maintain the confidentiality of police records in a near fatality investigation and adopted by consent.  The Department of Child Services testified regarding some concerns with the proposed amended definition and its expansion of covered cases.  The current definition is consistent with the federal definition and carries specific reporting requirements for the state.  If the definition conflicts with federal laws, then funding could be placed in jeopardy. The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council and the Hoosier State Press Association testified in support of the amended bill. The bill was held for further consideration.

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