Noncompliant prosecuting attorney

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee heard SB 200 on noncompliant prosecuting attorney authored by Sen. M. Young.  The bill permits the attorney general to request the appointment of a special prosecuting attorney if a prosecuting attorney is categorically refusing to prosecute certain crimes and establishes a procedure for the appointment of a person to serve as a special prosecuting attorney to prosecute cases that the county prosecuting attorney is refusing to prosecute.

At last week’s hearing, the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council testified in support of the bill and the Indiana Public Defender Council testified in opposition.  The bill was held over to this week’s hearing for amendment.

The Committee amended the bill to make the prosecutor’s response optional.  The Indiana Public Defender Council and the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council testified in opposition to the amended bill.  The amended bill passed 5-3.

Read the bill at: