Parents with disabilities

S.E.A. 259, P.L. 146
Effective: July 1, 2021

  • Specifies that it is the policy of the state to recognize the parenting rights of a parent regardless of whether the parent has a disability.
  • Provides that the right of a person with a disability to parent the person’s child may not be denied or restricted solely because the person has a disability.
  • Provides that: (1) a court, in: (A) considering the appointment of a person as a guardian; (B) hearing an action to modify custody or an action to determine or modify parenting time; or (C) determining whether to grant a petition for adoption; and (2)the department of child services, in determining whether to grant a person a license to operate a foster family home; may not discriminate against, and shall take into consideration the provision of reasonable accommodations to, a person with a disability

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