Defense to liability concerning liquefied petroleum gas providers

S.E.A. 361, P.L. 90-2015
Effective: July 1, 2015

Provides that the provider of liquefied petroleum gas that was used in: (1) liquefied petroleum gas equipment; or (2) a liquefied petroleum gas appliance; involved in causing bodily injury or property damage has an affirmative defense in any action brought against the provider if a person assumed the risk of causing the bodily injury or property damage because of certain actions taken by the person in unreasonably altering, modifying, repairing, or using the equipment or appliance. Changes the standard for altering petroleum gas equipment or appliances from “unreasonably alters” to “materially alters”. Removes language stating that the assumption of a risk is a complete defense to certain actions against a provider of liquefied petroleum gas.

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