Consumer protection

S.E.A. 307, P.L. 227-2015
Effective: July 1, 2015

Amends the statute concerning telephone solicitations of consumers (Indiana’s “do not call” law) to provide that a person may not provide substantial assistance or support to a telephone solicitor, a supplier, or a caller if the person knows or consciously avoids knowing that the telephone solicitor, supplier, or caller has violated the “do not call” law or the statute concerning the regulation of automatic dialing machines. Specifies that a communications service provider: (1) does not violate this prohibition; and (2) is not subject to any criminal penalties or civil remedies set forth in the “do not call” law or the statute concerning automatic dialing machines; if the communications service provider’s equipment or services are used only to transport, handle, or retransmit a communication that violates those statutes.

Amends the statute concerning the investigation and prosecution of complaints concerning regulated occupations to add to the permissible reasons for disclosing information concerning a complaint a disclosure that is made to a law enforcement agency that has or is reasonably believed to have jurisdiction over a person or matter involved in the complaint.

Adds a new provision to the statute concerning life insurance companies and policies to provide that a life insurance policy or certificate: (1) that is issued after June 30, 2015; (2) the proceeds of which may be designated for use in the purchase of funeral services or merchandise upon the death of the insured; and (3) the ownership of which is not irrevocably assigned to a trustee and used to fund a prepaid funeral services contract under the statute governing such contracts; may not be delivered or issued for delivery in Indiana unless the life insurance policy or certificate either contains or includes in an attached disclaimer certain provisions. Provides that an issuer of such a life insurance policy or certificate may not represent to any person that the life insurance policy or certificate is: (1) a contract for prepaid funeral services under the statute governing such contracts; or (2) a funeral policy or a policy with any similar designation. Provides that a person that willfully violates these provisions commits an unfair and deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance.

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